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Me Too Poems


Heidi Dehn

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Me Too Poems

Post  Heidi Dehn on Thu Oct 26, 2017 9:28 am

So I hope its alright if I put two poems on here. 

Poem #1:

Social Battles
“Me Too”

My sisters named me warrior maiden.
My mother named me graceful.
My father taught me to wear a smile like war paint
to live in a world that would never
belong to me.

There’s constant exploits to turn my weapons
to weaknesses. Catcalling and hurling
names and slurs like a playground fight.
Social hoops to undercut my value;
Holding a funhouse mirror to my being.

The world is brainwashed for proper behavior;
sweeping shattered pieces of hearts
and humanity under the rug:
Good girls would stay quiet.
Good girls would never bring them shame.

I’d rather be the warrior my sisters named me.

Poem # 2

Girlhood Discoveries
“Me Too”

I learned a long time
ago that I could not
be swayed by the things
men said to me
about me.

To work in their world
I could not be weakened
by the inappropriate nature
that was their norm.

Even my strength was
a slight for them to use.
Not soft,
not delicate

To be desirable, I must
not be their equal.

I refuse.
I rebel.



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Might be easier

Post  tsukany on Sat Oct 28, 2017 9:57 am


Might be easier to separate the poems for feedback purposes

#1  I'm not sure how to process stanza one.  Seems like the first lines setup a contrast to villainize the father.  Then the poem shifts outside the family unit.  Not sure how to put the two pictures together as a single comment.

#2  Stanza two seems abstract (what is a "norm"?  "inappropriate nature"?  I like the twist as ending.  Does the poem betray the logic of the first stanza though?



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Heidi - Poem 1

Post  Pat on Sat Oct 28, 2017 1:19 pm

In years to come, I wonder if the world will know what "me too" refers to.

S 2:  Not sure I need it.  However, I like the second sentence.  Some of stanza is telling.

I really like S 1 and S 3

What if you claimed Last line:   
I am the warrior......

Poem two:  Looking for images and poetics.  I hear "telling" and "learned"  

If you were a reporter of what you see, what would that look like?  Show me that.

Maybe you are  a purple pansy that looks delicate, but stands strong against ice, snow, wind, there when winter melts.  Something like that (which came to me from S 3.)

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Re: Me Too Poems

Post  Karen on Sun Oct 29, 2017 10:21 am

I agree with Todd, it's easier to process one poem at a time.

Heidi, a thought for both poems: perhaps try a different voice to see how that changes things. 

I think poem 2 would work well in second person, particularly if you used an extended metaphor.  Something strong that is perceived as delicate.  Second person would also enable a strong ending.


An important (and timely) topic.  Worth the work.

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Re: Me Too Poems

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